Ted Curson – Tears for Dolphy


Ted Curson - Tears for Dolphy
Tears for Dolphy - Arista Freedom 1975 - AL1021 (Originally Fontana 1965 688-310-ZL)

This bittersweet duet was written by Curson and recorded with Bill Barron on tenor in celebration of the life of Dolphy, who had collapsed on stage in Europe due to complications from diabetes and died in the hospital as the result of poor medical care. Carson had played with Dolphy in Mingus’ band and the two remained close until Dolphy moved to Paris to form a new band after falling for the city while on tour with Mingus. Dolphy is more commonly remembered for his more “out” compositions, but he had a special touch for melancholy ballads, as evidenced by “Tenderly” and “You Don’t Know What Love Is” Curson does a good job here recreating the feel that’s instilled by Dolphy’s touch. I wanted to end the event on this note because we didn’t have a chance to commemorate Dolphy on the anniversary of his passing on June 29.

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