Nate Lepine Quartet – Hennies


Nate Lepine Quartet – Hennies
Quartet: Vortices – ears&eyes 2015, ee:16-054

Lepine has been an active member of Chicago’s underground jazz community for 20 years and in that time he’s had some unlikely appearances, including with Smog, Iron & Wine, and Cursive. Quartet:Vortices, for the most part, is a frenetic affair, driving and discordant. Hennies is a good example, coming in gently with the rhythm section before Lepine and Nick Mazzarella come in on a tandem melody line, sounding as much like a Thin Lizzy solo as like Phil Woods and Gene Quill. Each take turns on their solos, and perform admirably, but the real reason I chose this is because drummer Quin Kirchner is finally given a chance to stretch his arms out on a solo. He comes on like a monster, not overly flashy, but powerful and musical. Quartet:Voices is available for purchase at

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