Lloyd McNeill Quartet – Home Rule


Lloyd McNeill Quartet – Home Rule
Washington Suite – Soul Jazz 2017 – SJR LP374 (Originally ASHA, 1970 – ASHA 3)

Washington Suite was originally issued on McNeill’s own private label, ASHA in limited quantity. McNeill was a Washington, D.C. professor who studied the flute under Eric Dolphy, The suite was a commissioned work for the Capitol Ballet Company. Soul Jazz has done a remarkable job with the sound on this reproduction. The drums have a lifelike snap and the flute carries the sound of the flowing air. Musically, Home Rule is a laid back jam with the basic structure of a slow blues. The electric piano makes a nice fit tonally to the full round tone of McNeill’s flute. The drumming is mostly simple but sets the mood just right, and the simplicity really lends itself to the clarity of the recording and the tonality of each of the drums and cymbals in the kit. More background information and a purchase link are available here. https://soundsoftheuniverse.com/sjr/product/lloyd-mcneill-quartet-washington-suite

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