Idrees & Jamila Sulieman – The Camel


Idrees & Jamila Sulieman – The Camel
Spiritual Jazz 7: Islam – Jazzman 2016 JMANLP 092 (Originally Columbia 1964 SSX 1008 – Sweden Only)

Jazzman Records out of the UK has done a fantastic job collecting tracks from records that might be otherwise impossible to find (This particular track is lifted from a record that currently sells in the $300 range, when it is available at all). The 7th collection in the Spiritual Jazz series focuses specifically on that jazz which was influenced by the Islamic tradition. Idrees was a hard bop trumpeter who recorded with nearly all of the greats during his time, including Coltrane, Monk, Max Roach, and Mary Lou Williams. To the best of my research, The Camel was his sole outing with Jamila, however he remained active in performing and recording all the way through the 1990s. This compilation has recently gone out of print from the label, however copies are still available through some retail sources as well as private sellers on Discogs.

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