Violet In Action

The Collection

Violet Sound was started out of an appreciation of the historicity of objects. Each record in a collection is not only a physical artifact of that music, it was party to countless unknown minor historical events. Some records were carefully cherished since their original purchase, the vibrant colors of the original cover and glossy sheen of well-cared-for vinyl a testament to the previous owner's respect and appreciation. Other records were valued for the joy or romance contained within, and were dragged out at every social gathering to share with friends. Our library started as an appreciation of the unique history of each of our discs in addition to the audio and artistic advantages of vinyl.

A Spark of Inspiration

The collection grew, as such things tend to do, and along with it grew the desire to share the music contained within. Live DJing was the first thing crossed off the list, as we hadn't yet identified our audience and the initial investments seemed insurmountable. Internet radio was an option, although the format does not lend itself well to live playback from vinyl. A blog seemed the next most likely choice, and it was during the process of creating the blog that we were contacted by Exploded Records at Juiceland to be a part of their Record Store Day event. They were trying to represent all genres during the party, and although many of Austin's talented DJs have a personal taste for jazz, nobody was officially working with their jazz records. Honored by the invitation, we put together an hour of rare and beautiful music. and the response was overwhelming. Inspired by the reaction, we planned with the owners of Exploded Records on how we could best recreate this initial excitement. This was the origin of the JazzLand at JuiceLand series, which lead directly to our current partnership with the fine folks at Monks Jazz Club. We are proud to be actively serving Austin as their original jazz vinyl DJ service.

Meet the Team

There is no "I" in team. Except this team, for the time being.

James Loves Records

James Hush

Founder & CEO

James has been collecting records for 20 years and working as a professional DJ for 15. He spent 4 years working at 90.5 WVUM and 7 as a DJ on Miami's famous South Beach. He fills the time he's not listening to records by cleaning his records or shopping for new ones.

Let's talk more

We love talking about records almost as much as we love playing records. If you heard something on the blog or at a show and want to talk about it more, drop us a line.