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Violet Sound provides music support for live concerts, bars and restaurants, and gallery events. Check inside for a list of upcoming events where you can get the full Violet Sound experience and decide whether we can supply what you need.

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Deep Library

Jazz has taken on many sounds over the course of its 100+ year history. We have over 2,000 records at our disposal from New Orleans Hot Jazz and Player Piano music to the most recent releases from around the world.

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Example Lists and Mixes

Our blog, Jazz Past Present Future, is home to recordings of past sessions. The JazzLand at JuiceLand mixes feature a variety of sounds, while the Monks mixes are more narrowly catered to the featured artist at each of our events.

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Since 1993

Why Jazz?

Jazz is a uniquely American art form, a combination of folk traditions, Afro-Carribean rhythms, and a heaping helping of the Blues.

Jazz has expressed so many different emotions during its 100+ year history. Jazz strutted with the parades of New Orleans. Jazz celebrated the outflow of ideas of the Harlem Renaissance. Jazz swung with the youthful energy of those returning from the Second World War.

Jazz ushered in the Birth of a New Cool in the end of the 50's. It found a way to combine the pain and the joy felt while fighting for civil rights in the 60's.

It met rock 'n roll in a dirty bar and stole the fuzzy guitars and heavy drums to leave with a new fusion. It kept the tradition alive through soul and funk.

It rushed headlong into a new sound at the advent of synthesizers, and once again at the advent of laptop sequencers.

Jazz is our past. Jazz is our future.

Jazz is always present, always changing.

Most importantly, Jazz Is.

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Bring Jazz into Your World

Let us set the tone at your next happy hour or gallery opening. Whether you want hip and hoppin or smooth and soulful, we can arrange the sounds that are right for you.